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Change Institutes Testimonials

VF Corporations:

“Dear Roshni,

Words cannot adequately express the appreciation I have for the time you’ve spent helping shape the team, we couldn’t have learnt the communication and presentation skill  without your guidance, support and help.

Thank you for influencing our life and helping us to become a better and more skilled employee. we wanted to let you know that, we appreciate the honest effort that you put into all of your classes. Your dedication to work is something that always inspires us to give it our all. Thank you very much.



Justin from Samsung Company, KOREA:


“Before I came to Change institutes, I had been fed up with conventional & boring English teaching methods in many other English institues. However, Change Institute is absolutely different from others. Trainers of Change Institutes teach English with practical & interesting methods. I didn’t have a time feeling boring at all, while I learned English here. Moreover, I naturally learned soft communication skills, too. If you want learn English or improve your English to Advanced level? Then, I strongly recommend this institute to you.

Change Institutes will change your language positively!”


Col. (Rtd) Oliver Kumar, CSM |India Security Director, ORACLE:

“Roshni from Change Institute was responsive to the Oracle GPS India’s specific needs and immediately understood what we wanted to accomplish through the Improving Business Communication program. Her knowledge of adult learning, the value of group interaction and support, as well as her technical competence in teaching English allowed her to create a training course that met and even exceeded our requirements. Students showed increased self-confidence and improvement in their ability to speak English. They were so enthused with their progress that they have requested an advanced course. Given her level of competency , exposure , maturity , commitment , innovative skills , trust and sense of responsibility we were indeed fortunate to be partakers of her training program.My team joins me in wishing her the very best in all her endeavors in times to come.”



Students feedback on change institute’s placement training program:

1. Rakesh G – It was a self evaluative experience that came to know where we stand in the corporate environment, showed us our hidden weakness and to overcome it, Ms Roshni is an exemplary to contemporary corporate world.

2. Ravi M.K – It was nice to spend time with Ms. Roshni it was amazing and you were very friendly and calm. The way you communicate with us was awesome. This training class gave us some advantages in improving our personal ability and group discussion skills and to overcome it.

3. Siddarama – The program was very nice, we got very good knowledge, we came to know where we lie and where we should reach. The change institute has changed my behavior in a positive way. I heartly thanks to Ms. Roshni.

4. Shrimanth – First I would like to say thank you very much because what ever you have taught us was totally out of syllabus and we were expecting this type of training. So this helped me a lot to improve my personality.

5. Girish B.R – The program was very informative to us. It provided us much of confidence to face an interview. The overall program was good.

6. Anand N – It was a wonderful program that we had in our college, we learnt lots of things by the programme which is very essential for our future perspective. The program has changed the attitude of us

7. Sham Sundar – The training program was very nice and interesting. We learned a lot from the training program, it was very interesting and interactive as compare to other program we to know that, what capability we have.

8. Kumar B.V – Overall training Program was good and we came to know that we should improve certain area like language and etc. It was very helpful to improve our self confidence with various points of view. I like to thank that overall program was very helpful to us and it made us improve in my career at corporate world.

9. Vasanth – As your training program was very good and also helpful to me I thankfull you, as your class will help us in future.

10. Harisha –it was a wonderful session we had in our college. We learnt lot from this programme, it was practically experienced. Totally it is a good programme.

11. Mallesha- it was very nice and useful and effective training programme us. That programme helped us to know our weaknesses and capabilities and we have given very good training for us about placement training. How to attend the interview and preparation of resume and group discussion and all the things. Personally for me you have given the opportunity to found my weakness really I am very thankful to you madam. For conducting that programme.

12. Range gowda- your presentation is very good that improved my spirit . we learnt a lot of communication skills and how to behave in corporate world.

13. Supriya. R – It was nice program and interesting, we learnt something good.

14. Subashini S – It was a good session please do carry on in the near future.

15. Raja manasa.B.S- according to me it was not that effective because only few understood what you are trying to convey that is, while one to one interview. While other sessions were good enough. Please accept this suggestion and go on.

16. Bhagya K – It was a good and interesting class were we learnt something which I dint thought before.

17. Tulasi D.S – The Program was Interested, and one to one is not much effective because everyone dint got a chance, but all other session was good where we learnt something which is fetch to corporate world.

18. Renuka .S – according to me, yes it was good session and many have learnt how to communicate with others, and in interpersonal interview you have conducted only for few. It should have been conducted to everyone.


Deguchi San:

“I learned English in Change Institutes from last November to May. There were various learning program about it. I accepted English lesson 2 times per week, constantly. First, I couldn’t speak English very well. (Writing, Reading OK). But now, My speaking skill is massive improvment after accepting English lesson. I recommend to you about Change Institutes if you would like to speak English and improve writing skill.”



“Change institute is meant for change and its a very good course. Roshini understands the strength/weaknesses of every candidate and helps them move in the right direction. Roshini helped me to improve my softskills.Before joining this institute I was scared to attend an interview but now i can confidently attend any interview Finally to conclude, Roshini is a fantastic trainer and Change Institute is a ladder for success.”


Soujanya.p (HR), Vee Technologies:

“The Voice and Accent , Communication and Leadership programs conducted by you during 2010 and 2011 have been appreciated by all our Managers and the participants. The value added on the Leadership development at Vee was tremendous. We appreciate your good work and look forward to working with you in near future.”


G.Alphonse (HR), TITAN:

“Dear Roshni, You have definitely sown seeds for growth and development among our young Engineers / talent. I saw their aspirations a couple of days ago, in their power point presentations, over a topic of their choice. I have already discussed with my HR team as to how the support system should be demanding in providing them cordial climate for further implementation in work places. Thank you once again for your passion in developing our Young Engineers.”


Sreehari Anoop Painkal, Senior Software Programmer, 3Aces Technologies:

“My relationship with “Change” goes back to the time when even the name “Change” had yet to be conceived. It was while I was learning from home and no one had heard of English Training Institiutes. It was in such circumstances that Roshni, dug my existence from somewhere, called me over to a hotel lounge… and made a beginning!! That was 2006…the rest is history!! Till today, the Change is just as cordial, prompt & helpful as ever. They’ve shared our triumphs & tribulations but more importantly, they have paid heed to any grievances that we felt. Change has been a trusted partner in our journey and we would not have been where we are today, without its support…!!”


Mahesh Mohanan, Currently working as a Nurses Aid , Melbourne:

“I have been associated with Change for 2 years. This is one of the few organisations which has grown with the client base in terms of services and promptness. They have always gone out of the way and helped candidates by calling them up and suggesting them alternatives. 99% of the times our prediction of the result and the achievement of the candidate has been very accurate. The new CD is also extremely helpful for the candidates. I thank the entire team of Change to make IELTS a memorable experience not only for candidates but for us as well.”



“What I like about Roshni is her plan and commitment to work. CHANGE INSTITUTE really changed me a lot; it improved my communication skills and confident too.Roshni has been a great help to me developing effective and good communication skill for my IELTS exam. She deals with each student’s weakness and trains them in the most practical way that one can ever receive in such a friendly environment.The training was extremely professional and the material was practical clear and concise to finish on time. She offers great ideas, excellent practical advice that will be of major benefit to me in my day to day work. I am extremely grateful to be taught by her and would like to recommend her training to friends in future”


Ravi Kumar KR, Currently working as a physiotherapist, Birmingham:

“My relationship with the Change goes back several months. Understanding the customer was an aspect important to me, when I was looking for IELTS training. The exams team in Bangalore has been a delight to work with and was able to customize to changing student environment.”


Satish Yennagudde Hegde:

“Change Institute is the place to be for IELTS coaching. My entire experience was very informative right from the day one. Ms.Roshni is never to be forgotten once you have been in her classes. After giving the test I realised how important every detail I learnt in the Institution was. I wish all future students equal luck.”