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Roshni with her students

Roshni with her students


Communication is often relegated to the realm of the Social; a tool we use to interact with others. Our present epoch is an information age, but that’s not right. We live in a Communication age where Communicating is more than Speaking English. It’s about excelling at the art of creating the right “Rapport’, with the right “Choice of Words”, the future of every Business and individual. CII (Change Institutes International) comprehends the significance of this need and offers programs with the most contemporary pedagogy and a competitive team.

Change Institutes International, the brain child of Roshni Javiad, was established in the year 2011, is an organization par excellence; helping businesses, entrepreneurs, students and housewives to tap into the credibility they possess. All the courses offered at CII are highly focused and well designed from Basic fundamentals in Communication to Mentoring and Proficiency Tests like IELTS, PTE, OET to Teacher Training Programs, CII manifests in a series of cutting edge strategies and tools to achieve Quantum Success.

Follow our proven system and the odds are substantially in your favour to become an ‘Excellent Communicator” with an “Amiable Personality”.