Spoken English Classes in HSR layout Bangalore

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English Courses in Bangalore

Level 1 (A1)

The level 1 (A1) course is designed for beginners to learn “what to say” and “How to say” things in daily conversations. Build basic grammar skills with fun activities and learn the art of “Small Talk”.

Level 2 (A2)

This course is a little advance level of Basic English where a student is aware of grammar but makes a few common errors in English Language and lacks eloquency.
In this course, a student is exposed to Functional grammar, role plays, impromptu speech, discussion etc. The course aims at accuracy or zero error language.

Level 3 (A3)

The level 3 is a course on Business English a combination of Personality and Communication. In addition to Vocabulary and Fluency, the course grooms one in areas like Etiquette, Presentation skills, Interview skills, Corporate Etiquette etc.

Level 4 (A4)

The level 4 is an Advanced course for better English pronunciation which can be understood globally. It is an intensive training program to neutralise MTI (mother tongue influence).

Spoken English Classes in HSR, Bangalore

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