Overseas Education

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What is overseas education?

This is some thing which is related to your career development and to venture into opportunities available in overseas destinations. Mostly Indian students go to USA , Canada, Australia, NZ and UK for overseas education. The reason is that they can get settled in those countries after completion of their education. This notion has developed after seeing our relatives and friends getting settled in these destinations after studying in that countries. So This means education is taken as a pathway for our settlement in these countries. Why are we selecting these countries over European countries which are also well developed? As we are also one time colony of British and English is our main language of speaking and writing right from our childhood we will be more comfortable with this language than any other language. We already experienced British style government system and law system. That is the reason for us these above mentioned countries will be more easy to get settled as we already have some understanding on these system. These above mentioned countries got liberated very much as India but the environment and planned system has made them developed country and India as a developing country. The scientific research and development in these countries have started before than our country and their system is more encouraging to development and research. They fund huge amounts for research and provide scope to new innovations. They have new programs for innovation and people with brains. They give special privilege to those people who have that taught of developing new things.

How to choose a country?

  • We need to choose a country based on the options on how we can get the best of knowledge and the opportunity to implement our knowledge in the real system.
  • We also need to look into how many companies are pro-active in giving opportunity for development.
  • We need to the weather conditions and the living standards in that country.
  • Need to look into the cultural values and the encouragement given by the local people on overseas migration.
  • We need to look into the economy and the growth rate of that country.
  • We need to look into how much the country is encouraging for innovations and how much support they give for new developments.
  • We need to identify the local industries presence and how your interest is going to match to those industry requirements.
  • Need to understand the local licensing system and how your chosen education will help in fitting into that system.
  • Need to understand the recognition of your degree internationally so that if you are not able to get an opportunity in the country where you are studying , it should help you in getting a recognition in other countries to work.
  • Just merely seeing that the degree is issued in USA does not mean it has recognition else were in other countries, this is an alarm one need to check before choosing a university and course. ( very recently every one know that due to the new educational system changes close to 300 universities in USA got de-registered and lost the capability to give education to overseas students because they did not have the international recognition standards) this is the same with other developed countries.


How to choose a course?

  • This is a very important area once need to be careful in deciding and we should not depend on others in choosing this course. The reason is that the skill which is in demand 5 years ago is not the same today and tomorrow.
  • We need to choose the emerging skills than emerged skills. For this you need an expert to advice ( career planners) not your friend or fathers friend who has very little knowledge on the current trends in innovation and employment system.
  • The chosen skill has to be of your interest and also give you proper career pathway in your future for which you need a career planner who has a complete incite of the current requirements and also should know the current demand skills in the developed countries.
  • Like in India where IIT’s are famous for technology development and experts in technology innovations , so those who are interested in technology has to choose these institutions for future prospects. In the similar way overseas institutions are also demarcated based on the specialty of skills based on their research in different science areas. So you should be doing proper research in this area before choosing a university and a course. You need to take a good advice from a proper career planner in this regards. Should not listen to the counselor who is just degree passed recently and just advising based on what others are advising.” Be Aware”


Why choose Future overseas Education?

This company is supported and run by professionals who have worked in Australia, NZ and USA and has a complete incite on the local industry requirements and standards. They are not only into education but also into supporting professionals from developing nations to get settled in developed countries. They are constantly interacting with their professionals who are currently working in developed nations and upgrading knowledge on the current trends and the changes happening in the developed nations. They have a clear idea on the current skill demands and settlement pathways in the developed nations. If you interact with such people you will be able to understand the current trends and better career pathways for early settlement in developed countries and also study that skills which are of your interest. So they will be able to identify your needs and current demands and match a proper university and country based on your financial background and your career interest. They will be able to get you connected to the professionals who are already working in that country to get real time knowledge of current developments in the market.

For example if you study Accounts in USA or Europe it will not help you in settling in Australia , UK , India and NZ as the accounting system is totally different in these countries. Similarly the licensing system for medical professionals is also different in Europe and other parts of the world so be careful in choosing a university and course before taking a decision.

A wrong decision will make you loose huge money and time to get settled in your career. Once you take a wrong route it will give you huge discomfort to reach your destination, so consult an expert and do your research before taking a decision on your career. Don’t look for few bucks and identify a wrong agent. Some one who is giving free advice will look for his own interest but one who is charging is liable to give you a good advice as he is charging for the same. Always understand that a free thing will come with an obligation, like when the google app which come for free on your phone comes with an obligation of taking all your data , information for their analysis which will help the companies to understand what they need to sell to you.

So don’t wait any more contact future overseas education immediately for your career plans.

What more we provide, we will take care of you on the bellow areas

  • Choosing course which is currently in demand and has good career pathways
  • Choosing right university which has international recognition
  • Help you identify friends in that university where you are going to study
  • Help you during your education by advising you what are your rights in that country and what are your limitations and how to be careful during your education, as you are going to a country where you have very limited people whom you know and you need a proper support for your career development and safety
  • Help you in all future visa options and visa pathways so that you will be able to get settled faster after your education.