Communicating is more than just speaking (English)

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This time of transformation reminds us of a story: once upon a time there was a cat named Tom. He was the best at capturing mice. His friends weren’t as good as him but they managed to catch all the mice they needed.

Unfortunately, over time the mice grew fewer and fewer and the ones left were very quick and smart. In fact, they came up with a foolproof method: they ran quickly into their holes and waited until they heard a dog passing through before going out. That method was so good that no cats, including Tom, could catch up with mice anymore and the cats fell into a profound crisis.

In this climate, while Tom’s friends were carrying on chasing mice uselessly, he decided to go on a journey. During his absence the number of mice rose again but they all learned how to avoid being captured.

After a while Tom went back home and his friends gave him a hero’s welcome. In return, Tom saw a mouse that was passing through and chased him at a slow pace. Once reached the hole where the prey was hiding, it was heard a bark. The mouse, hearing it, felt reassured and left his hiding place. In that time Tom unexpectedly grasped it. The mouse, surprised, said:” aren’t you afraid of dogs?” Tom replied to it by barking as a dog: “yes, of course, but there wasn’t any dog around here”.

Just like Tom who took advantage of a time of change to learn a new language, everyone should turn a period of transformation like this into an opportunity.

We think that the world will never be as it was and all people, companies and even countries have two possible options before them: on the one hand, resisting by hoping and praying that the transformation fades out without consequences or, on the other hand, investing in resources they have, to move with the times and reinvent themselves.