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Accent Neutralization

“The Trick to losing a heavy Accent and imitating native English speakers may lie in retraining the brain to hear new frequencies” – Farah Khalique

By 2020 2 billion people will be speaking English, the British Council forecasts. English is already spoken by 1.75 billion people worldwide. It has become the de facto language of global business. However, speaking with a cut-glass accent is less ubiquitous.

A growing cohort of companies like Audi, Airbus, Renault, Samsung, etc are adopting English as their official language of business across the globe. Even smaller companies that are growing are adopting English as their official language. Students have not been spared either. So, if your Accent is strong, it can be a disadvantage in any area of study or work.

Accent Neutralization is a systematic method to develop a neutral accent, this method involves the learning of the sound system or phonology of the language. Accent training goes beyond learning grammar and vocabulary.

The Accent program at Change Institutes International is of 25 hours, one of its kind delivered by qualified and experienced professionals with ease. The courseware provided to the participant makes self-learning easy on the completion of the course.

The training is not the same as ESL (English as a second language) and does not include grammar. It is a specialization in Phonology and Phonetics. The pedagogy includes interesting practicals from songs, audios, plays, and reading.

As per Research, our speech is made up of huge number of Frequencies – base tones and over tones. The Tomatis method trains the ear to the frequency of the other languages. When working on the training method, we need to educate the ear and the mouth to be able to speak on the right wavelength. At CII, the pedagogy has benefitted innumerable Students, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs.

Join us and experience Change with our program on Accent Neutralization.